Darling, I am growing old,
Silver threads among the gold,
Shine upon my brow today;
Life is fading fast away.

Eben E. Rexford

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Please, anyone who views this blog, bear with my experimentation. I'm trying to find fonts, sizes, colors, etc. for the various elements of the blog, but when I think I've found what I want, I can't save it. I'll learn; I'm sure I will. Let's just hope my learning curve gets shorter!

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  1. Welcome to elderblogging! Caught your name (spelled the same as mine) in a comment so thought I'd see what you're up to.

    Gee, I wish I had had your computer technology knowledge when I obtained my first computer a little over six years ago. Then, a few months after going to the Internet,then blog world, and another few months, I accidentally launched a not-ready-for-the-blogosphere blog by clicking the wrong key. I've never really refined it as I might want -- too many other ways to spend my time after I recovered from my initial addictive behavior. The point is, your blog looks really good, so you don't need to apologize. I have thought about experimenting with a different blog host, but not now. I enjoy learning, know acquiring new skills is good for the brain synapses and it's truly never-ending with the computer.